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Seedtime and Harvest Ministries was created in 2021, but it really started over 20 years ago when Henriette Schwab began writing Bible-based puppet plays for her church. After many years of writing and directing her plays for live performance, she’s thrilled to bring her knowledge and scripts to a worldwide audience. 

Henriette works primarily with her daughter, Rebecca, to create and publish books, ebooks, and audiobooks. We’re excited to say that Seedtime and Harvest Ministries is expanding! Many more puppet plays and children’s books are in the works.  

Henriette has four children and four grandchildren. An experienced homeschooler, she homeschooled all four of her children at various times, taking the younger two through elementary, middle, and high school. She’s been married to her husband Dennis for over 40 years.

Image above: Henriette with her husband Dennis on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2018. 

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