What On Earth Is A Schwuppet?

We’re so glad you asked. The “Schwuppets” are a family of puppets created by Dennis and Henriette Schwab in 2015. After many years of writing and performing puppet plays for their church and at other venues, Dennis and Henriette decided to create their own cast of characters to act out plays; perform commercials, greetings, tutorials, business promos, book trailers, and other videos; and create fun and educational programs for kids. Scroll down to watch the Schwuppets perform two of H. M. Schwab’s puppet plays! More to come.

Our Schwuppet family is always expanding; expect to see some new faces soon!


A young girl with a sunny personality, Julia is a social butterfly, outgoing and very kind. She loves spending time with her friends and volunteering. Her younger brother James looks up to her and trusts her advice.


A young boy who loves to play ball and hang around with his sister Julia, James is very inquisitive and always asking questions. His curiosity can annoy his family sometimes, but his heart is in the right place.

Mr. International

A debonair, cultured, & well-traveled guy, Mr. International is an experienced tour guide and great chef. Always impeccably dressed, you’ll likely find him enjoying a latte at a Grecian seaside resort or a Parisian cafe.


Kalil, the coolest of camels! He’s the life of the party and always ready with a great joke. Kalil is the perfect addition to any get together. Just make sure you stay out of spitting distance!

Peter and Paul

The twins are always ready to help out with any chores or repairs that need to be done. Where you find one, you’ll usually find the other. Give them a carpenter’s apron and they’re ready to go. Crowbars up!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Schwuppet play performances

Kamil final

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